(Mar. 8 - Mar. 15)

New Members: Feel free to contact any of our officers for more information regarding training plans, COVID-19 precautions, or any other aspects of the club.

First Meet! (March 13, Lynchburg)

Here it is everybody: the first meet since last November! COVID has taken a lot from everyone, but for some money and a couple of nasal swabs you can kick COVID in the pants and run some races Saturday, March 13th at Lynchburg (short drive 🙂 ). First you need to fill out this survey BEFORE Thursday 3/4. Seriously. Do it. Sorry it's short notice. Hurry.

Anyways, there are some things you should know, namely that COVID is bad and we have to do things like get tested before and after traveling to avoid getting/spreading it. There is a protocol for preparing to go to these upcoming meets. It is long. It is boring. It is also required for you to do. Read it in the survey or I will be sad. Don't make me sad.

READ HERE IF YOU DO NOT  FEEL LIKE FOLLOWING COVID TRAVEL PROCEDURE: you can't go to meets. You'll be dropped from the signup and we will laugh at you.

COVID-19 Response

Regular practice will continue this week via a 50 person maximum sign-up list. You MUST fill out the COVID-19 survey to be eligible for practice. Practice-attending members must also download the Hokie Ready app on their mobile device and complete the screening before every practice. Keep yourselves safe, and if you believe you have been exposed to or have tested positive for COVID-19, please notify those you have been running with as well as any of the officers.

Upcoming Social Events

Group Hike

Wednesday, March 17th we will be going for a hike as a club! Fill out this survey to let us know if you're coming and what hike you want to do.


Practice Times

Distance M-F at 4:30pm, Court 1 at the Rec. Sports Fieldhouse
Sprinting Meeting with distance group until DST (3/14)
Weekly Practice Signup

Fill this out to sign up for practice

Welcome to the Club

We are Virginia Tech's Running Club, dedicated to all things running! We welcome runners of all skill levels, whether you're just trying to stay in shape or want to continue competing in track and/or cross country in college

Originally founded in 2007, the club has since grown to over 150 dues-paying members, and is supported by Virginia Tech's Rec Sports department!


It's not all running, we're a very social club and welcome any and all newcomers! We host numerous club socials through the year, like hiking the cascades, cookouts, pumpkin carving, you name it! We love making new friends and hope you can join us



The club is open to anyone, but we offer cross country and track seasons as well! We go to roughly 4-5 meets in both XC and Track seasons, each ending with Nationals (which anyone can go to!).

We compete through NIRCA (National Intercollegiate Running Club Association) as a part of their Mid-Atlantic division. You can find out more about NIRCA on their website here