VT Indoor Meet Volunteering

If you’ve got the itch to volunteer, you’ve come to the right place. We’re helping out the varsity team at an indoor meet this Saturday. Fill out this survey to get the good time slots before they’re gone!

NIRCA Registration

If you’ve never raced with us before, you’ll need to get registered with NIRCA! To do that, fill out this survey. You don’t need to fill this out if you have already raced with us. You just have to activate your NIRCA account from NIRCA’s website.

VMI Volunteering

There’s a lovely volunteering opportunity for the real go-getters among us at the VMI Rust Buster invitational on December 7th. If that’s all you need to hear, go fill out this survey to let us know you want to help out.

If you need more, everyone that helps volunteer at this meet will be allowed to go to an indoor meet early in the spring semester, on top of just feeling great about having helped the club out.

Friendsgiving interest survey!

We’re looking to get a rough idea of how many people to expect at friendsgiving this year (to make sure 160+ of us aren’t crammed into someone’s house), so if you’re interested in participating please let us know by filling out the survey here

NIRCA Nationals!

It’s time for nationals! If you thought the regionals course was quick, wait till you see green pole pole green park! Let us know you want to come race with us by filling out the nationals race survey here

JMU XC Invitational

I cant think of anything to say about JMU, sometimes I forget they exist. There’s gonna be a race there in two weeks tho. Let us know if you want to come by filling out the race survey here.