These training plans, designed by our team captains, will get you in shape in no time!

Secret Training Plans

If you're curious about the kinds of runs we do during the semester or just want to know what the workouts are for the different groups, you can find out in the listed training plans! Each plan is created by one of our team captains and will get you into racing (or just regular) shape in no time! The workouts in the plans are not mandatory at all (practice attendance isn't even mandatory), but we encourage everyone to participate!


Distance Plans

Created by our Men's and Women's distance captains, these are designed to get you to be competitive in longer distance events like the 800m or 5k. In cross country season (the fall semester) these are the go-to plans for those looking to race!

We offer plans specifically designed for men and women. You can see them by following the links below:

Sprinting Plans

If you just want to go fast this is the plan for you. Focusing on the usual sprinting events like the 100m, this plan is what the sprint team follows through the year. It accommodates everyone from pure sprinters, hurdlers, to jumpers. Designed by both the Men's and Women's Sprint Captains, the plan linked below will get you up to speed in no time!

In the Spring Semester this plan will mostly cover running workouts, while in the Fall Semesters it will more heavily focus on strength and conditioning.